Netflix upcoming ‘The Stranger’ a crime-thriller film, trailer, release date , cast list and much more

Two men who meet on a plane and strike up a conversation that turns into friendship. For Henry Teague, worn down by a lifetime of physical labour and crime, this is a dream come true.



  • Joel Edgerton as Mark
  • Sean Harris as Henry Teague
  • Steve Mouzakis as Paul
  • Jada Alberts as Detective Rylett
  • Brendan Cooney as Senior Victorian Detective
  • Mike Foenander as Heavy Man
  • Alan Dukes as John
  • Matthew Sunderland as Controller/Cleaner
  • Jeff Lang as Milliken Offsider

The Stranger

The Stranger is a 2022 Australian crime-thriller film written and directed by Thomas M. Wright. The film stars Joel Edgerton and Sean Harris.

The film had its world premiere at the 2022 Cannes Film Festival on 18 May 2022.It is scheduled to be theatrically released in Australia by Transmission Films on 6 October 2022, before streaming worldwide on Netflix on 19 October.

THIS film began on 29 October 2020 in Australia

A friendship forms between two strangers. For Henry Teague, worn down by a lifetime of physical labour, this is a dream come true. His new friend Mark becomes his saviour and ally. However, neither is who they appear to be, each carry secrets that threaten to ruin them and in the background, one of the nation’s largest police operations is closing in.

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